Custom Branded VR Glasses Projects for Korean embassy in Honduras, KITA

Check out some of our recent projects for custom branded VR glasses.

1. Custom Branded VR glasses for the Korean embassy in Honduras

custom branded VR Glasses, VR headset by mocom

The Korean flag is on one side, and the Honduras flag was on the other side with the white background on the white-colored VR glasses.
The front of the carrying case is customized with the name of the embassy and the QR code.
The clean design emphasizes the color of the flag and the letter.

2. Custom Branded VR glasses for VRower by KITA

custom branded VR Glasses, VR headset by mocom

VRowser was created by KITA (Korea International Trade Association), which is known for being the largest business organization in South Korea. We have provided VR glasses with a case customized with VRowser logo.
On VRowser, many products are filmed in 360-degree videos and you can experience the product virtually.

You can visit VRowser or download the app to experience the latest products from S.Korea in VR.

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*Our portable VR glasses are patented in USA and S. Korea.