[Gametoc] Mocom’s VR Viewr NABI was successfully launched

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Mocomtech Sold out 400 units at VR AR Show.

The first Pocket VR device ‘NABI’ was awarded the winner of the device category and sold out all 400 units during a successful launch at the SEOUL VR AR Expo.

‘NABI’ of Mocomtech (CEO Choi Hae-yong) succeeded in launching in Korea after America, and killed two birds with one stone by catching both the technology and popularity curves.

The Mocom exhibition hall was only a small venue, not an experience hall like the others. Nevertheless, 3,000 catalogs were distributed, and all 400 of the samples were sold. More than 100 enquiries were made for mass purchasing of between 1,000 and 3,000 units.

‘NABI’ is a VR (Virtual Reality) device that can be pocketed with its tiny size and being lighter than 30g. It is small and light like a ‘butterfly’, and you can easily watch VR images anytime and anywhere by simply putting the product on your smartphone. Consumer prices were set at 19,000 won so that it will easily lead customers to the VR market.

The lens magnification is 5 times, and it provides an excellent and wide field of view and excellent performance. Specifically, the ratio of both surfaces of the lens is designed to be 10: 1, so that any distortion aberration is also corrected to a considerable extent. It is easy to use. Just like a butterfly, the left and right lens plates are spread out and mounted in the center of the smartphone; the focus automatically matches. Unlike existing card boards or other VR devices, the surface of the smartphone is exposed, making it easy to control by touching the screen.

It is also certified by Google’s cardboard certification program. This makes it possible for consumers to set up their smartphones to optimize for NABI, to easily view YouTube 3D video, 3D VR video, or download various applications to easily use various contents.

Mocomtech is an optics company with more than 40 years of making lenses such as microscopes and sights. ‘NABI’ has already completed its development in 2013. It is the world’s first pocket VR product registered in the USA, which is the biggest market, and also in Korea, China, Japan and India.

Choi Hae-yong, CEO of Momcom Tech, said, “VR comics, VR catalogs, VR homepages, VR content, and more VR-related companies have become the essential products to popularize and activate the VR industry.  I am glad that I received a lot of responses from the Expo and sold out all the products we prepared. Enjoy watching YouTube or 3D VR and enjoy it.”