Portable VR/3D Viewer “NABI”-  B2B Partnership/Bulk Order/Custom Order 

B2B Bulk Order & Custom Order (Logo) is available!

Why should I chose Mocom’s Nabi Viewer?

  • It is a Patented product in the USA and also patent pending in S. Korea, so it will provide you genuine product and protect you from using the product that infringes the patent.

  • We are using a custom lens that is designed specially for our product rather than an ordinary lens to provide you the best visual experience.

  • It is best for promotion because of its fold-able structure which makes the size very compact

  • We can customize the product with your logo.


  • Product promotion

  • Marketing

  • Education

  • Movie promotion

  • VR Concert

  • VR Real estate

  • VR cartoon

  • Gift