Anybig VR-300E – 30 Portable Handheld VR viewer in a Aluminum Briefcase- 3D/VR Educational Pack for School & Offices


One aluminum hard case contains 30 pieces of this small viewer. It can be moved class to class, and one place to the other, and is able to educate up to 30 students at the same time. The custom form padding inside of the aluminum carrying case makes the viewer secure and keeps it in place. And 30 copies of the user guide are provided so that each student can work them by themselves.



Our handheld VR viewer is an intuitive and user-friendly tool that bolste

rs the teaching and learning processes amazingly. With this innovative technology, students don’t have to take turns in entering into the virtual reality to learn during class presentations ever again. Our handheld portable VR viewer will reach and engage more students at a time, save you a lot of class hour, and make the overall class period productive and effective.

The portability of this USA-patented handheld type VR is overwhelming. It is very compact, and its size is just a fraction of the conventional VR headset that puts too much weight on the head and shoulders. Though this handheld VR viewer looks small, the quality of reality view you can get from it is almost unexplainable and not inferior to the large VR headsets.

Key Features:

High Functionality & Lightweight: This ANYBIG VR-300 handheld viewer will educate 30 students simultaneously, all having the same quality access to the best virtual reality view. Our handheld VR viewer comes in a durable aluminum hard case with the size of a lunch box. It can be moved easily from class to class, and one place to another, delivering quality virtual reality learning experiences to not less than 30 students at a time.

Easy To Use: If the students in your class are matured enough to write their names, then, they have all the skill and knowledge they need to put this handheld VR to use. There is no need to strap anything to the head; it’s just as simple as holding a handheld microscope in front of your face. This package also comes with 30 pieces of informational guide for every single VR viewer.

High Quality Virtual Reality Experience: Our handheld portable VR viewer has a 5X magnification rate feature that lets you get an even greater immersiveness, compared to anything you’ve seen or used before. Teaching and learning will be more effective, realistic, and productive. Because students will be able to get 5X closer to the subject matter, giving them such insight that will be very difficult to forget.


What’s included

  • 1 of aluminum carrying case
  • 30 of hand-held type pocket VR viewer
  • 1 custom form inserted
  • 30 pieces of user guide


  • Hand-held VR viewer enables the viewer to use more easily than a headset VR device and without the need to put around the head.
  • Viewer is lighter with the weight of only 1/8 of a smartphone and 1/14 of a current VR headset.
  • Minimal size with volume of 1/34 of conventional headset type.
  • Hand-held type helps the viewer to avoid neck pain.
  • Apply 5x magnification rate of lens for better immersiveness.
  • Easy to carry and store.
  • Robust and light aluminum case.
  • 30 pcs of viewer included, so one class can be educated at the same time.
  • Carrying hard case fits in one hand for easy moving to another class room.
  • Both sides of the lens plate have a double-shaft gear structure that folds like a butterfly at the same time.
  • Safe storage with custom-form inserted that protects the viewer and secures in place.
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Safe material for kids. – CHCCs (Chemical of high concern to children) Compliance
  • US Pat. No. 9804401
  • Product made in KOREA.



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