See the Future

From our early days as an optical company we had a vision of creating superior, industry-beating projection screens. We integrated our lens-making technologies into projector screens that enabled us to create a new optical screen. This was a game changer, and the world began to take note.

Mocomtech started doing what no other company in the world was capable of doing. And they’re still doing it better than anyone else.

  • 18 gain screens beyond any previously imagined capability
  • Numerous industry accolades including CES Innovation Awards for 3 consecutive years for its for its concave-shaped high gain projection “Solstice screen™” and double-sided film screen “DUPIC™
  • Winners of the Presidential Prize (Korea) for 2 years,
  • Winners of the World First Class Product Award, etc.
  • The greatest number of patents in projection screen technology
  • Exporting to over 30 countries
  • Over 250 000 satisfied customers

Mocomtech has now set their sights on the rapidly expanding world of VR (Virtual Reality.) Prepare to see the world through a brand new lens as they apply innovation and technological quality to the future.


We show you the way the world should be seen.